The history of Holledau Apartments Gmeineder

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The company GETRA was founded in 1968 in Munich. From an initially small equipment and Transformatorenbaubetrieb developed a powerful medium-sized enterprise.

In 1970, production was started at the Osterwaal / Hallertau plant. Our products are manufactured on the basis of relevant VDE or EN regulations.

With the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001, carried out in 1996, we will continue to ensure our quality standard in the future. Known as a reliable partner, today many well-known industrial companies in Germany and abroad are among our satisfied customers.

High flexibility in relation to special customer requirements distinguishes our house since four decades. GETRA helps you survive even in tough competition. Our motto was and is to pass on the price advantages to our customers by outsourcing labor-intensive work processes and to secure the German location and the associated jobs in the long term by means of mixed calculations. Consulting, development, material planning and quality assurance are basically done in Germany.

2018 Appartmenthaus Holledau will be built

After initially 4 apartments, an apartment building with 12 spacious residential units will be built in the fall of 2018 on the open area next to the GETRA, to enable business customers and holidaymakers to enjoy a pleasant stay in the Holledau..

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